I was born in the historic market town of Richmond in North Yorkshire and spent my early years travelling the world with my parents and twin sister, living in the Far East, Middle East and Europe.
My first visit to The Isle of Skye was in 2004 with my partner Garry. We moved here in 2005, hooked on the beauty of Skye and its laid back way of life.
Painting since I was a small child, I have made time whatever my other commitments to continue with this passion. Although mainly self taught I also attended evening classes when living in North Yorkshire before deciding to study in 2004 for a BTEC Diploma In Foundation Studies in Art & Design. This experience enabled me to re-evaluate the way I work and encouraged me to experiment with other mediums such as watercolour, acrylic and oil but my preference has always been and always will be for pastel.
The inspiration for my work comes from what I see around me and having a great love of the outdoors (my hobbies include bouldering, walking and gardening.) I find that I am never short of ideas and topics to explore.
My paintings can be very different depending on my mood and the subject I am trying to capture, from illustrative to impressionistic and I strive to create a striking image using bold colour, manipulating the pastel in various ways to add depth and texture to my work.
My paintings have been shown at various exhibitions nationwide, including The Kings Hall/ Winter Gardens Ilkley,the G-MEX Centre Manchester,An Laintair Isle of Lewis, Dornie Community Hall and Darlington Society of Arts. I have works in private collections nationally and internationally.

Winner of the Presidents Prize Darlington Society of Arts
1999 Highly commended Darlington Society of Arts
2014 Awarded most popular painting at Lochalsh Arts Fair

nicky at work